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Can I File a Partition Lawsuit Without a Lawyer in Florida?

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Can I File a Partition Lawsuit Without a Lawyer in Florida?

When multiple individuals co-own a property, such as siblings inheriting a house or individuals purchasing property together, it is essential for them to make joint decisions regarding the property’s disposition. However, disagreements can arise, and the joint owners may find it challenging to reach an agreement. In such cases, filing a partition lawsuit becomes necessary to resolve the matter.

Under Florida law, a partition is achieved by one or more co-owners of a property filing a civil lawsuit. While it is possible to file a partition lawsuit without a lawyer or “Pro Se” in Florida, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of an experienced partition attorney. The process can become complex, and having a knowledgeable litigator on your side can help protect your interests and maximize your recovery.  While there are expenses associated with legal representation, the proceeds from the sale can, in certain instances, cover these expenses.

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