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Monthly Archives: May 2024


The Pros and Cons of Seller Financing

By Messina Law Group, P.A. |

Seller financing is an agreement between buyers and sellers of real estate. Instead of buyers obtaining a mortgage from a traditional lender, such as a bank, the seller of the real estate finances it for the buyer. Seller financing has many benefits for both buyers and sellers, particularly when the conditions of the real… Read More »

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Can You Contest a Trust in Florida?

By Messina Law Group, P.A. |

Trusts are an important part of many estate plans. Creating a trust holds many benefits, including the protection of assets for your heirs and making sure beneficiaries receive their inheritance right away. Unfortunately, simply drafting a trust will not guarantee that it will work in the way it was intended. Different issues may arise,… Read More »

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What is a Quiet Title Action in Florida?

By Messina Law Group, P.A. |

Quiet title actions in Florida are formal court procedures that determine whether there are any valid open claims to a title on a real estate property. Anyone who purchases a home or commercial property wants to ensure they own the property completely, i.e. in fee simple. Title to your property allows you to use… Read More »

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How Does the Eviction Process Work in Florida?

By Messina Law Group, P.A. |

Landlords in New Port Richey, and throughout Florida, often need to evict tenants for many reasons. However, evicting a tenant is not a simple matter of just telling the tenants to leave. There are many legal requirements that must be fulfilled and certain steps in the process that must be followed. To make sure… Read More »

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Where to Store Important Estate Planning Documents

By Messina Law Group, P.A. |

Creating a comprehensive estate plan is a very important and responsible thing to do. However, having an estate plan in place does little good if your personal representative, power of attorney, or lawyer cannot find them after you pass away. If no one can locate your estate planning documents, there may be a legal… Read More »

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How Does Seller Financing Work?

By Messina Law Group, P.A. |

Seller financing is a flexible alternative to conventional mortgage lending in Florida. Many people are unsure of what seller financing is, the advantages and drawbacks of this alternative, and how it works. While seller financing is a good option for many people, it is important to fully understand it before entering into an agreement…. Read More »

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